In August 2016, the Image of Wisconsin insurance agency of Saint Germain, WI, was once again a member of State Auto's elite Inner Circle. At the presentation were, from left, State Auto's Darren Dunn, agency associates Phyllis O'Brien and Jon Strom and State Auto's Lori Taylor.


IMAGE History

In early 1991 twenty-five independent Insurance Agencies in Wisconsin met to achieve

a common goal of gaining better position with an insurance company. They felt that as

a group they could leverage for a better insurance package to offer their clients and

better market share for their own agency.

After many meetings and discussions by the founding members, R.D. Weber took the

helm of the participating twenty-five agencies to form the group that is now known as

the Insurance Marketing Group of Wisconsin, Inc. The participating members each

contributed financially and received a share of stock in the corporation. To this day all

IMAGE members own one share of stock in the corporation and each has the same

voting power regardless of the size of their agencies.

The idea of IMAGE continued to grow at such a rapid rate that it soon became

apparent that a full time Director needed to be established. R.D. continued to act as

director while still running his agency. Jim Holmes was appointed as Marketing

Director for the IMAGE group in 1993. Jim took the reins and grew the group from

the existing twenty-six members to thirty-two by selling the idea of IMAGE and

steadily adding programs to their portfolio.

During the time Jim was the Marketing Director many programs were put in place, soon it became clear that IMAGE could easily support several “Specialty programs” (monoline companies and companies desiring specific classes of business), and several “all lines” company programs.

IMAGE continues to grow with new agencies and programs. The thirty-five partner Associate Member Companies that support the IMAGE philosophy paid out over One Million Dollars in contingencies to the IMAGE agents.

Under the current leadership of Jon Strom, the principles that the founding members of IMAGE set to accomplish continue to strive. Jon, with the support of Jim Holmes continue to recruit new agencies and develop strong programs to ensure that the vision set up by the founding members in 1991 carry into the future.